Sneaky Stuff

24 Feb

Ranger is on a diet. That’s right. Blame it on too many dog biscuits. Or maybe the beef & cheese Gaines Burgers that he loves so much. Or perhaps not enough squirrel-chasing. I’m not sure what’s at fault. But now that his winter coat is beginning to thin, there’s no hiding the fact that Ranger is looking rather rotund.

And to think that last fall I was concerned that he was too scrawny. I worried that he didn’t have enough body fat to keep himself warm during the Idaho winter. It’s not like we let him adjust the thermostat in the dog house, you know.  

Well, he’s sure not looking scrawny anymore.

Surprising, isn’t it, how a few extra pounds can be so sneaky? (As I write this, I’m eating my second still-hot-from-the-oven brownie). This makes me wonder what other sneaky things may have quietly crept up on me unawares. Perhaps a negative attitude. A harmful habit. Selfish thoughts. Words that are quick to criticize. The list goes on.

As spring approaches, I’m thinking that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to refresh my outlook on life a bit. Set aside a time for some introspection, some self-examination. Cut back on the detrimental and self-centered stuff. Renew the focus on faith, hope, and God’s most amazing grace. Prepare my heart and mind in anticipation of celebrating the upcoming joys of Easter.

Even Ranger seems to be embracing a fresh outlook today as he gives up his afternoon nap for a race around our backyard. He will be in good shape by the time spring arrives.

Perhaps I will too.



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