29 May

Our dog Ranger is back in the house. Yes. I know. He’s an outside dog. A fact that is impossible to forget as the smell of wet-dog over takes the house. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad smell. Just saying that it’s almost always better when left outside.

It all started when my family and I were eating pizza and watching “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” All of a sudden, Ranger started throwing himself up against our living room windows. He had a wild look in his eyes and he was panting like a crazy dog. We wondered if he had somehow gotten poisoned or perhaps stung by bees.

But no. It seems that Ranger was simply predicting the weather.

Already wet and muddy from the day’s rainstorm, Ranger was telling us that this storm was piddly compared to a bigger and much more ferocious storm that was most surely on its way.

The kids were concerned. They felt sure that Ranger was way too scared to sit this one out alone in his dog house. And so they brought Ranger’s dirty travel crate into my clean house and put the frightened dog in it. Almost instantly, Ranger settled down. Within moments, we could hear his soft snores. We resumed watching the movie.

And then the storm hit. A powerful downpour of rain, hail, wind, thunder and lightning.

Ranger snoozed right through the whole thing. Isn’t that amazing? Sometimes I feel a lot like Ranger. Storms come into my life and I get myself all in a frenzy. But I know that if I can just get close to my Heavenly Father, everything will be okay. Oblivious to the storm raging outside, I can safely snooze in His comforting and peaceful presence.

Just like Ranger.


2 Responses to “Dogology”

  1. bobbiejayne May 30, 2011 at 5:58 am #

    hi jill. thank you for the wonderful writing about your dog ranger. it was just what i needed to read today. your writing is wonderful. hugs from bobbiejayne.

    • jillnogales May 30, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

      So good to hear from you, Bobbiejayne! Hope you are doing well. Big hugs to you. 🙂

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