In His Loving Arms

29 Apr

Sometimes our own words come back to haunt us.

A sentence I wrote in my book has been echoing through my head for the last two weeks, jarring me with a truth I didn’t fully realize when I first wrote it.

“The only thing worse than finding out you have cancer, would be finding out that your child does.”

When I wrote those words, I was thinking of my mom & dad’s reaction to the news of my cancer. Never did I imagine that just a few years later, I would find myself in the parent role.

It started with a suspicious lump. The pediatrician was concerned enough to send us to a specialist. The specialist immediately sent us to the hospital for testing and diagnosing. And of course, waiting.

After a worrisome week and a half, I sat yesterday in a windowless examination room with my child awaiting the results. Earlier in the day, the specialist had told us that as soon as he got the report from the radiologist, he would know for sure if it was cancer. And so we waited.

I’ve been down this road before. I don’t like it.

Finally the specialist returned to our room. He didn’t make eye contact with me at first and my heart dropped. But the news was good. No cancer. Definitely good news.

Awhile back, someone said to me, “I could never believe in a God who lets children get cancer.” She was likely struggling with her own issues; even so, I sure don’t understand why people say stuff like that. I mean, who are we to dictate who God is and what He may do?

We get to choose whether or not we will believe in God, but we don’t get to choose who He is. That has already been established.

Imagine for a moment if God was not good, not loving, not just, not faithful. Would it matter? Our lives would no doubt be miserable. But He would still be Almighty God, right? And we would still be at the mercy of his power, authority, and grace.

How blessed we are that the Bible assures us that God is indeed good, loving, just, and faithful!

If my child ever does get cancer, I am so very thankful that I believe in a wonderful God who would continue to hold us both in His loving hands.


One Response to “In His Loving Arms”

  1. Clara Watts April 29, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    JIll. this must have been terribly frightening for you. I’m so glad you have a firm grip on the one who calms our fears and walks with us through anything and everything at all times.

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