Chasing Bubbles

18 Apr

Dogs really know how to enjoy life, don’t they? Consider our dog Ranger. He likes pretty much everything… bacon-flavored dog treats, squirrels, butterflies. But there is nothing Ranger likes more than chasing bubbles.

In fact, he has his very own one-gallon jug of Miracle Bubbles setting out on the patio. Have you ever seen a bird-dog point at a jug of Miracle Bubbles? Ranger does. That’s how much he enjoys his bubbles.

As soon as the kids get home from school, Ranger grabs the jug’s handle in his mouth, carries it to the back door, and waits for the kids to blow bubbles for him. When they do, Ranger chases the bubbles, popping each one in his mouth until sudsy drool drips from his chin. Absolute happiness.

But a few days ago, something happened that made Ranger forget all about his beloved bubbles.

Our neighbors have a cute little dog. A terrier of some kind, I suppose. He and Ranger have never been officially introduced since a wooden fence separates the two dogs. A few days ago, this little dog started yapping at Ranger. Ranger felt obligated to bark back. The little dog yapped louder. Ranger started digging. As soon as the hole was big enough, Ranger shoved his big snout under the fence. The yapping stopped. And that’s when the yelping started because the little dog had bitten Ranger’s lip with his sharp tiny teeth and wasn’t letting go.

See how quickly things can go bad? One moment we’re out chasing bubbles, and the next moment we’ve got our head stuck under a fence, trapped in the gnawing jaws of pain.

Kind of scary, isn’t it? Well, life can be scary sometimes. We may need to spend some time licking our wounds. But not forever.

Because even my dog knows that the time will come for us to start chasing those bubbles again.


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