Thank You

18 Jan

Today I am guest blogging at The House Studio. Come visit me at their blog – And while you’re there, feel free to leave me a comment. I always love hearing from you!

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I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been asking about my book. I am touched by your kindness and support, and your enthusiasm is much appreciated.

The official release date for Mammograms, Mastectomies, and a Spiritual Makeover is Feb. 28th. At that time it will be available from most on-line retailers (such as and It will also be available in book stores, although they might not have it in stock. If that’s the case, just ask the book store to order the book for you. (My publisher’s distributor is Ingram Books — most book stores have an account with them).

From Jan. 17th till Feb. 28th my publisher is offering a presale. During this time, the book can be ordered directly from Jebaire Publishing ( for a discounted price of $10.50. You can just click on the cover of my book in the side bar to the right, and it will take you directly to Jebaire Publishing. Payment can be made by credit or debit card or through PayPal. All books ordered during the presale will be shipped to you during the week of Feb. 28th.

Thank you for sharing in my excitement over what God is doing with this story.


2 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Susan Wheeler January 18, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    I’m so excited for you Jill!! I ordered this for my mother-in-law’s birthday in February. She is a 25+ year Survivor!

  2. writergirldreams January 20, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

    I will be ordering mine. Very proud of you Sister. You Go Girl! hug hug. wgd

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