Gayle’s Gift

19 Oct

Yesterday I received another gift. It wasn’t pink, but it certainly was a lovely surprise.

Years ago, when I held my first baby in my arms, someone advised me of the importance in choosing admirable, faith-filled people to be “spiritual cheerleaders” for my children throughout their growing-up years.

Sounded like a great idea to me. But it was much more than a great idea. Looking back, I can see that the positive influence these people of faith have had on my children is immeasurable and priceless.

Many people have been and still are “spiritual cheerleaders” to my children. But two people stand out like bright shining stars. Throughout the years, they have interacted with my children, celebrated life’s milestones with them, and encouraged them along the way. Perhaps most important of all, they have lifted my children up to God in prayer more times than I’ll ever have the privilege of knowing.

My children learned to pray for them too. My children also colored and drew pictures for them. They wrote notes and told stories. Then as they grew older, the correspondence changed to emails and photos. I had no idea just how many pictures, notes, stories, photos and emails — till yesterday.

Because yesterday, they came to visit. And they brought a gift. A beautiful scrap book of every crayon-scribbled note, every carefully drawn picture, and every story and letter my children and I had ever sent to them. Even copies of the emails were included, as well as many photos. They had treasured these things over the years, and now they had gathered them into a beautiful book of memories for us to treasure.

Growing up is not easy. Things can go really wrong really fast. I am so very grateful for all the spiritual cheerleaders who help us find our way in this life. They will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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