Perfectly Pink

5 Oct

Have you noticed that the football players – you know, those great big, tough guys – are now prancing around the field in pink cleats? Really? Isn’t this taking the pink to a whole new level? Pink wrist bands, pink gloves, pink chin-straps — all this in the name of breast cancer awareness?

Not that I’m complaining. Truth is – pink is and always has been my most favorite color. You can ask my brother, or my husband, or my kids. Even my dog knows that I love the color pink.

To my surprise, the high school my son attends has gotten caught up in the pink too. This week they will have a designated “pink and blue day” on which students are encouraged to wear pink or blue. (I guess the blue is for those few who, unlike football players, still aren’t comfortable wearing pink). Pamphlets about breast cancer will be handed out to students. Pink ribbons will be sold for 25 cents each. And at Friday night’s football game, some lucky raffle winner will receive a free mammogram.

At first, I wondered why in the world a high school would be supporting breast cancer awareness. After all, high school students are not at high risk for breast cancer, and they’re too young for mammograms. Shouldn’t the high school be promoting awareness of  more relevant issues such as, say, drugs, drinking, gangs, teen pregnancy, and STDs instead? So why all the fuss over breast cancer?

Then it hit me – none of us are exempt from breast cancer. Any high school student with a mother, is at risk. Students with grandmas, aunts, and older sisters are all at risk. Because when these women get breast cancer, it has a devastating affect on the lives of everyone close to them. Just ask my children.

So I say bring on the pink. It is sending out a loud and clear message that the women in our lives are important to us. That we care about them and want them to stay healthy. And that we love them with all our hearts.


2 Responses to “Perfectly Pink”

  1. Kamela Lawrence October 5, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    I think it is good to get the aware soon so maybe the idea of a mammogram will not carry such a fear or stigma. I love pink too!

  2. Robert October 5, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    My daughter’s Middle School, were she is a student, is even discussing/planning a ‘Pink Day’. I think it is a great start.

    A couple of reasons for the promotion is the recent passing of a mom with 6th grade triplets and another mom who just celebrated her 1 year anniversary.

    Cancer affects more people than we realize…

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